Friday, February 10, 2017

My most faved pic on Flickr

This picture I took with my cellphone on Tuesday morning, suddenly went berserk on Flickr. In two days it's had 229 people Fave it and almost 8000 views. That makes it my most faved picture on Flickr and probably about the third or fourth most viewed. I've uploaded close to 25000 pictures to Flickr since 2006, I'm not quite sure why this picture got all this attention.

My previously most faved picture on Flickr was taken in November 2006. It's had 221 faves and 8500 views in 11 years. Two Pronged Strike
My most viewed Flickr pic, by an order of magnitude, is this one of Karkloof Falls also taken in 2006. Over 150000 views, I'm clueless as to why because the next highest viewership is under 10000.
Karkloof Falls
This is the second most viewed, amazingly also from 2006, of the Durban beachfront from the Blue Waters hotel. Durban Beachfront