Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thanda's first day at creche

After such a long time with no posts to the blog here is my second in a day. Quite an important day it is too, it's Thandas first day at Creche.

Here is Thanda ready to go with her new backpack.
Thanda Ready To Go To Creche

Let's hope she isn't too much!
Here Comes Trouble

With dad at the creche.
Thanda's First Day At Creche

This is someone new?
Thanda's First Day At Creche

Her first day report.
Thanda's First School Report

Uvongo - May 2011

At the beginning of May we spent a week with Tracy's parents down at Uvongo on the KZN South Coast.

Here is Thanda exploring the holiday apartment in her walker (and trying to grab my Nikon)
Thanda Exploring The Holiday Apartment In Her Walker

Tracy & her Mum in the kitchen.
Tracy & Jean In The Kitchen

I really like this picture of Thanda with her mum and grandmother.
Mother, Daughter & Grandmother

The sea was a bit too chilly for the average Durbanite. These bathers must surely have been from up-country.


Beachcombing Duckies.
Beach Duckies

Thanda & her mummy.
Thanda & Mum

Thanda getting a drink and central heating from granny.
Thanda & Granny

Thanda having a paddle in the sea.
Thanda & Granny