Thursday, November 17, 2011

Durban Street Shots 2006

My first photo walks into the centre of Durban were in 2006. Here are some of the results from those expeditions.

Broken window in the Workshop shopping centre.
Durban Is Shattered

Statues near the city hall.
Durban City Centre

Durban City Centre

Fruit and veg being sold on a pavement stool.
Fruit & Veg

Life in Grey Street.
Durban Grey Street

Shoe shop.
Durban Pine Street

A party long ago.
Durban Pine Street

Views up Smith Street.
Smith Street

Durban Smith Street

A derelict inhabited building in Point Road, with the Garden Court hotel behind it.
Durban Point Road

Hair salon.
New Image Salon

Mercury Lane in the centre of Durban.
Durban Street Shots

A reflection of the Twirly-whirly building.
FNB Point

One of the lanes off the Victoria Embankment.
Durban Victoria Embankment

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