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Friday, July 10, 2009

International Film Buying Day Update

I'm quite surprised by the popularity of my idea (see somewhere below for more details or click on the title above). So far the Flickr group has almost 150 members and most of the feedback has been positive. I wonder if the growth of the group will accelerate, how many people do we need and how many rolls do they need to buy to really make an impact? I'm trying to find some sort of sales figures for film but none seem to be readily available or I'm just not searching for the right thing. If for instance we could find out that 10,000 rolls of film are sold on average every day. If we can get 20,000 participants we know that on average each person must buy 5 rolls of film to make a significant difference in sales for that day. Maybe if it looks like we can't make an overall impact, we could just single out retailers in particular towns or on-line and see if we can cause them to sell out on that particular day.

Kiev Pictures From Durban Beachfront

Some shots I took last weekend on the beachfront.

Golden Mile

Fishermen On Pier


Mini Mabhida



Thursday, July 09, 2009

International Film Buying Day Facebook Group

I've created a Facebook group now for the project. Click here to go visit.

Flickr Group For International Film Buying Day

There has been a great deal of support over on Flickr for my idea of an 'International Film Buying Day'. I have set up a seperate group. Click on the title above to take a look.

International Film Buying Day?

I was thinking, that in a World with an ever decreasing supply of photographic film and film processing, we could somehow find a way of showing our support for those manufacturers and retailers who still continue to offer these services.

I propose we set a date, October 1, when we all go out and buy a roll (or rolls) of film on the same day. I'm sure the sudden spike in film sales would be noticed and the industry will realise there is still quite a considerable sized market for film.

I've posted this as a new topic on the "I Shoot Film" group over on Flickr. Click on the title above to check out any reaction to that.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Interview with Mauro Restiffe: "My participation in PHotoEspaƱa Involves the Largest Exhibition I have had to Date."

An interview with this Brazilian photographer who solely shoots film. - The First Art Newspaper on the Net

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Unfaded memories of old film

One of the attractions of film is that you can change the look and feel of a photograph just by dropping a different type of film emulsion in the back of your camera. This aspect is one of the many things the author laments about in the following article once again inspired by the death notice of Kodachrome.

Columnists -

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Kodachrome Project Aims to Preserve Era of Film Photography

Anyone who has Kodachrome slides from thirty or fourty years ago will know the colours of those slides are as vibrant and bright today as they were the day they came back from the lab. As many will alrady know, Kodachrome is to be discontinued. Is this really progress?

Kodachrome Project Aims to Preserve Era of Film Photography

Scott Kelby Photowalk | Durban, NL ZA

I've signed up for the second Scott Kelby Photowalk. The Durban walk will be around the Harbour region. I haven't decided what camera I will be taking with me. The Kiev 4 is my current fave. I do have a Canon AE1 on its way from the states though and if it is here by then I fancy giving it a good workout.

I've stocked up on a couple of rolls of Kodak CN400 and Fuji Sensia 100. I'm just waiting for the right moment to load them in a camera. Maybe the photowalk will be the time.

About Your Photowalk | Durban, NL ZA

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