Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend In The Drakensberg (Minolta Hi-Matic E)

Last weekend we spent a weekend in the Drakensberg Mountains. I took both my Minolta Hi-Matic E and the Kiev 4. Here are some of the pics from the Minolta.

Tracy In Front Of The Mountain
Tracy outside the chalet we stayed in (Fuji Superia 200)

Zulu singer/dancer at one of the many art and craft markets in the area (Fuji Superia 200)

Road To The Mountain
The road to the chalet (Fuji Proplus 100)

Storm Brewing
Late afternoon outside the chalet (Fuji Proplus 100)

Dark Chasing Light
The sun just about to dissapear for the day (Fuji Proplus 100)

Dog Cleaning Braai
The chalet owners dog helping to clean the grill (Fuji Proplus 100)

Cathedral Peak
Hiking at Cathedral Peak (Fuji Proplus 100)

Cathedral Peak
More of Cathedral Peak (Fuji Proplus 100)

Cathedral Peak
Tracy climbing a hill at Cathedral Peak with the car in the background (Fuji Proplus 100)

Midway Services
At Midway Services on the way home (Fuji Proplus 100)

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