Saturday, March 17, 2012

Out Of Photoshop Denial

The past half dozen years I have as a rule been doing very little post processing on my photographs. My thinking being that if it's a good picture to start with, it will not need any enhancing. A couple of weeks back though I was looking at some of my older shots and thinking that out of the camera they are no where near as dramatic as they were in real life. Then the realisation came that I do in fact need to do something to many of my photographs not because they're bad pictures (though they might well be) but because I'm not seeing their full potential which a bit of tickling in Photoshop can bring out.

Anyway here are a few shots from the past several years I have been playing with the last few weeks. The first one was shot in Mpumalanga in 2006 on my Honeymoon. a similar un-enhanced shot gained hardly any attention on Flickr while this one has become one of my most popular images on that site.
A Road Somewhere In Mpumalanga

A View of Florence taken in 2005.

The Durban Beachfront


Durban North Beach
'Can You Hear Us?'

Karklood Falls
Karkloof Falls

Near Currys Post in the Natal Midlands
Near Currys Post

Old Durban Airport
The Arrival

Dargles in the Natal Midlands
From The Mountain

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