Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back To Film

Minolta Hi-Matic E
Originally uploaded by Chris Bloom
Since 2002 I have followed the obligatary digital photography route. Starting with a 2 megapixel camera before rapidly moving on to 5 and then 8 megapixel compact cameras as they became available and then on to a DSLR as the prices became more affordable. I've had great fun with my digitals and still do, my current DSLR the Nikon D300 is a very fine camera and is capable of the most stunning results.

Late in 2006 I decided to put a roll of film in my old analogue Nikon F70, it was the first time I had shot film since going digital four years earlier. When I processed the (Fuji Colour Negative) film I noticed how strong and vibrant the colours were and how unlike digital the highlights didn't come out so bright and washed out. I decided maybe film did have a future. Since then I have been shooting film off and on with the F70 as well as a Olympus half frame camera my Father-in-law gave me and a Yashica Mat D Twin Lens Reflex I bought. The Yashica is a great camera and I enjoy the fully manual aspect of it, it is just a bit cumbersome and clumsy. I decided I needed a rangefinder which would be more compact than an SLR while offering similar levels of quality and manual control. Well, I didn't buy one I bought three, two are Russian Rangefinders which I won on Ebay and are still (hopefully) in the post. More about them when they arrive. The third was a Minolta Hi-Matic E (pictures here) which I bought on a local auction site (www.bidorbuy.co.za). Though this doesn't have much in the way of manual exposure modes it does have manual focus and auto exposure. It also has a very fast f/1.7 lens which apparently is very good. I'm shooting my first roll with it at the present moment, hopefully by tomorrow I will have my first results.

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