Friday, October 08, 2010

Durban A1 Grand Prix 2006-08 - Part 2

I tried to get pictures of the Durban A1 GP's that showed not only the cars but also some of the surroundings, the buildings, people. I always enjoy to see spectators in sports images, their expressions and/or body language can really tell a story and make the picture.

An example is the reaction of some of the crowd as Adrian Zaugg driving the Team South Africa car spins during his qualifying run.
Local Zero

Spectators viewing from the balconies of the Blue Waters hotel. I've seen plenty of pictures taken at Monaco and other street circuits where people are watching from buildings and I was trying to replicate that sort of image.
Durban A1 GP 2008

The next picture was taken during the first event in 2006. It was a rainy practice session, at first I was annoyed that I got the three figures in the shot but in fact they really make the picture and it's now my favourite pic from that event. The same image was also published in Durban's Metrobeat magazine.
A1 Grand Prix Durban 2006

Another shot that features the Blue Waters hotel. The clouds in the sky add a nice dramatic touch.
Turning Up Argyle

Taken from a similar position as the previous pic but with a telephoto instead of a wide angle lens.
Durban A1 GP 2007

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