Monday, October 11, 2010

Durban At Night

Early in 2010 I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to the top of three of the tallest buildings in Durban to take photographs. The views from 30+ floors up showed what a pretty city Durban really is.

The Moses Mabhida stadium as viewed from the Old Mutual building on the corner of West & Gardiner streets.
Moses Mabhida By Night

From the same position, full moon rising over Durban.
Durban In The Moonlight

And again from the Old Mutual building, zoomed in on the moonlit ocean.
Moonlit Ocean

From the other side of the building, the Twirly Whirly building in Field Street.
Twirly Whirly Building

The N3 highway snaking towards town taken from Durban Bay House.
Headlight Trails

West Street from Old Mutual building.
West Street Alight

Looking down on Aliwal Street from The Embassy building
Aliwal Street

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Anonymous said...

Nice pix you have ..., I was up on the tall hotel on beach front recently ( Aug 2012) took some pix that I will post on my blog when I have time ( currently in Durbs...) Using my new 5D mk2 and 70 -200 F2.8 Lens here's hoping they look ok ..! my blog, cheers Phil