Saturday, October 09, 2010

Durban A1 Grand Prix 2006-08 - Part 3

People sometimes say that the reason motor sport doesn't reach a bigger audience is because you can't see the emotion on the drivers faces. The only time you really are guaranteed to see a drivers face is if he finishes in the top three and is then on the podium and in the drivers interviews after the race.

Having access to the pit lane allowed me a fascinating insight to what goes on behind the scenes at a major motor sport event and gave me the opportunity to unmask some of the drivers.

Nico Hulkenberg who is now a Formula One driver for the Williams team sits in the Team Germany car on the morning before qualifying
A1 GP Durban 2007

Alex Yoong, a former F1 pilot, who drove for the Team Malaysia team in A1 GP.
Durban A1 Grand Prix 2007

Alvaro Parente, the Portuguese team driver has a moment of contemplation in the garage.
Durban A1 GP 2007

South Africa's Adrian Zaugg tries to find some shade away from the bustle on the grid before the race start.
Durban A1 GP 2007

Jerome Bleekmolen the driver for Team Netherlands strides down the pit lane after a practice session.
Durban A1 GP 2007

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